Elevator out of order
emergency evacuation - simple and fast
gravity-controlled gliding.

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Evacuation chairs for Public Buildings

The Evacusafe chair allows a quick and easy evacuation in case of emergency.

Ready to be unfolded in a few seconds, the Evacusafe is designed to be used by a single person. Controlled by friction, this chair has two functions: it slides on stairs and can be used as a wheelchair on a flat surface.

4 wheels (2 pivoting) for optimal manoeuvring on flat ground
Telescopic handle with 3 positions
Locking mechanism
Safety brakes on the rear wheels
Comfortable seat
Adjustable headrest
Retractable footrest
Folding armrests
3-point safety-belt with adjustable quick release
Leg support strap
Evacusafe on the stairs
Evacusafe on the stairs
Evacusafe evacuation chair

See the Evacusafe escape chair in action here:

Ideal for safely evacuating anyone and leaving a building when elevators are out of service.

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