Ultra clean air with Genano

The intelligent solution for indoor air purification

Unique air purification - the safest choice for nanoscale clean air

Genano, a Finnish technology from the medical air decontamination sector.

It is now used in offices, commercial and public spaces, dentists and doctors' surgeries, and wherever people gather indoors.

Customers rely on Genano air purifiers to provide the cleanest air possible.

Genano's exclusive technology destroys all indoor air microbes, such as viruses and bacteria

Discover in this video what makes Genano superior to other air purifiers

Benefits of using Genano air purifiers

Technology with superior air cleaning efficiency without filters

Originally designed for hospitals and cleanrooms, this unique technology can also bring ultra-pure air to commercial and public spaces. Genano's air purifiers capture and eliminate microbes, bacteria and viruses. The health of employees and customers is protected. Frequent air changes ensure that rooms and waiting areas receive a constant supply of healthy purified air. Customers and employees feel safe in a room where the air has been cleaned of impurities and pathogens

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