Electric stairlift for people

Liftkar PT 130 / 160

Liftkar PT

Liftkar PT

Simple, safe and effortless

The LIFTKAR PT is available in several models - either with an integrated seat or for use with wheelchairs.
Three different climbing speeds are available depending on the type and nature of the staircase: 10, 14 or 18 steps per minute.

The LIFTKAR PT electric stairlift is available in six versions, each for a maximum load of 130 kg or 160 kg (version PT Outdoor 120 / 150 kg; PT PLUS max. person weight 125 kg):

- LIFTKAR-PT S : Especially for indoor use
- LIFTKAR-PT OUTDOOR : Configured for travel and outdoor use
- LIFTKAR-PT FOLD : For simple and safe patient transport
- LIFTKAR-PT UNI : For powered wheelchairs and transport wheelchairs
- LIFTKAR-PT ADAPT : To be fixed to your existing wheelchair
- LIFTKAR-PT PLUS : The complete solution with a high quality wheelchair

The individual Liftkar PT models :

See the Liftkar PT in action here:

The Liftkar PT impresses with its excellent climbing technology. During the descent, the stairlift remains stationary until the braking wheels of the lifting unit have reached the next step. Thanks to the up and down buttons on both handles, the LIFTKAR PT can be used without prior adaptation by right-handed or left-handed people.
The microprocessor-controlled operating system improves security. A tilt indicator, speed monitor and electronic overload protection are part of the basic features of each Liftkar.

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